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Scopello Oval Serving Platter

Scopello Oval Serving Platter

Hand-painted large stripe oval serving platter.

A very versatile, showstopping centrepiece, perfect for roasts, large sharing salads, pasta or desserts.

Experience the captivating fusion of nature and coastal beauty with our Oval Serving Platter. Inspired by the vibrant flora of Sicily's Zingaro Nature Reserve and the mesmerising coastal stripes, this hand-painted ceramic masterpiece exudes an enchanting blend of floral elegance and coastal charm. Each delicate petal and intricate stripe pattern captures the essence of Zingaro's untamed landscapes, infusing your table with a harmonious balance of natural allure and coastal sophistication. Elevate your dining presentation with the captivating beauty of our Zingaro Oval Serving Platter, a stunning homage to Sicily's breathtaking landscapes.

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  • Hand Painted
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