Our Story

Step into the world of Acquerello, a beautiful tableware brand by event designer Annie Dunne, whose love for travel, food and gatherings knows no bounds. 

With her extensive experience in event planning and working with the global members club Soho House, Annie recognised an unmet gap in the market - beautifully designed, high-quality tableware that remains accessible. Her love of travel combined with the frustrations of transporting fragile ceramics from distant corners of the world, ignited the inspiration of her distinctive table top creations. Vibrant motifs and intricate patterns are reimagined through the Acquerello lens, infusing a fresh vitality into our daily rituals.


Acquerello takes immense pride in its commitment to quality and artistry. Each ceramic piece is lovingly hand-painted and meticulously crafted by local artisans at an independent, female-led atelier nestled in the heart of Portugal. Blending hand and machine we celebrate the process, material, and the people and places behind the products we make, reminding us that we’re human. For us, sustainability translates to well made pieces that stand the test of time.

We strive to manufacture in a way that supports independent craftspeople, keeping artisanal techniques and tradition alive. This dedication ensures that every item is not just tableware; it's a unique work of art, a testament to the enduring spirit of artisanal craft.